Writers Are Snobs

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Kindleboards in the Writer’s Cafe section. This is where writers come and talk about the business of publishing books online. It’s a great forum and I’m learning a lot every time I go there. Check it out if you’re an author.

But one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of the authors that go there is that they are writing snobs.

I’m finding out how the mind of a professional author works for the first time and it’s fascinating to me. Mostly because I’m a marketer, who wants to be a writer. So I think differently. I think first about marketing and sales, and they think first about “craft” and grammar.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to be snobbish. I’m a marketing snob.

I’m just wondering though how many writers have never found success because of their hangups on good marketing and sales? Every time a marketing tactic is brought up there there’s a string of angry authors yelling about “spam” and “scammers” and whatnot.

I have a message for writers. Not every marketing tactic is spammy. Not every marketing idea is a “deceitful ruse to get someone to buy their book”.

Lighten up, you’ll sell more books.

The role of good marketing is to educate people about a product/service. Not to lie to get them to buy something they don’t need.