Too Little, Too Late & Too Lame?

Apple can’t be Amazon on book sales, just as Amazon can’t be Apple on awesomeness. The news that Apple is going to finally do something with their iBooks platform is in my opinion, too little too late and probably too lame.

I’ve got one question for you. Are you going to buy your books through iTunes or an iBook app, or just as you regularly do at Amazon?

I don’t see any significant amount of people wanting to use iTunes more than they already do. It’s clunky and hard to navigate and heavy in size. As far as a potential app goes, again, I don’t see people shopping for books going through that process to find the book they want. It’s just easier at Amazon, and that’s why they’ll win.

Not to mention, Amazon is just too far ahead at this point. Apple should stick to what they’re good at. I’d rather have one big player in the game to sell my books and for now I’m betting on Amazon keeping that role.