Strong Voices in Self-Publishing

Bob Mayer says the rhetoric is getting out of hand. In his post, Writers for traditional publishers = slave? Indie authors= f%ck wad? Come on!, Bob argues…

Let’s get real. The rhetoric is starting to get out of hand. We’ve got people equating having a book contract to being a slave. I don’t think slaves signed a contract or got paid or sat around in pajamas and typed. It’s insulting to the legacy of all whose ancestors endured it and also to the millions who are currently enslaved around the world. And then we’ve got those trumpeting the American credo of “doing it all yourself”. Well, if you’re truly an indie author, you aren’t even giving Amazon 30%, because, you know, they’re the biggest ‘man’ out there. You should be selling your books all by yourself. And many of the flagship authors everyone trumpets as the pinnacle of success in the indie world are now working for Amazon, St. Martins or other “overseers”, apparently bowing to the vicious whip as they cash their checks.

Bob is a great example of strong voices in the new wave of publishing that is upon us. There are some very strong voices on the fringes in the publishing industry right now, on both sides. You have the famous Joe Konrath who is the poster boy leader for the self-publishing movement. Then you have people like Tobias Buckwell. And you have people like Bob, and well, I’m trying to catch up and help.

I think it’s wonderful to see so many voices discussing the industry that is changing so fast. How else are we supposed to learn? I started this blog to help share my thoughts with you about my experiences in the business, from past successes/failures, to future successes and failures.

Who else is a strong voice in the community that I should be watching? Please leave a comment with your suggestions.