Owning Your Book

Perhaps the biggest thing I can’t get past when talking about doing legacy publishing deals is that you don’t own your own work. Ok, well, the piddly 17.5% you get from sales sucks too. But, not being to own your own work?

When I signed on Attention! with my publisher, I had all kinds of dreams of big money and big things for it. Of course, I later realized that a lot of promises were broken, which lead me to here, writing about self-publishing.

To this day, over a year and a half later, I’m still upset that I can’t own my work. They have it. They can do whatever they want with it. They can price it how they wish. They can sell it where they wish.

I’m stuck.

So what would I do if I owned it? I’d re-title it. Then I’d redo the cover. Then maybe I’d even break it up into two smaller parts and sell it that way. I’d also reprice it and sell it direct print on demand.

So many options when I have control. But I don’t.

So think twice about choosing to sign with a “big” publisher. It may not be all that it used to be cracked up to be.