Mark Cuban Talks Self-Publishing

The other day I talked about another reason why digital publishing (eBooks) will win, and that was because it’s so easy and fast. Today I read a brief interview with Mark Cuban who just recently self-published a new book about why he self-published.

When asked why he self-published, he said…

The time obligations of a traditional release were more than I was willing to undertake. I couldn’t ask for advances and then not want to do a book tour. Plus, the editorial deadlines were much more forgiving. I made changes hours before the final release. Time is the most valuable asset I have. The amount of time required to give the publishers a chance to make their money bank wasn’t worth the money to me. My preference was to put out an ebook on my own terms and see how it did and what I could learn. Based on this education, I will be a lot smarter about what I do next.

Self-publishing is an amazing way for anyone, even bigwigs like Cuban, to easily and quickly publish content in book form. What you will learn from successful people like Mark is that time is valuable. Waiting a year to have your book published is a joke. He was able to quickly and easily publish a book and get it to his audience, and that’s what we should all be doing.

Don’t get hung up on the legacy/traditional publishing old rules. You should be taking the thoughts and expertise in your head and publishing it in book form today. It’s really not that hard.