Make Your Own Luck

One of the recurring themes you will read when you follow successful authors is that they always lean back on luck as one of the major reasons they were successful. As a marketer, I can’t concede that luck is the primary reason success happens just as much as a scientist can believe in something that doesn’t have empirical proof.

Luck to me is what happens when you bust your ass off.

Sure, I think there’s a little luck involved in most things in life and business. However, I also believe that your chances of that luck happening come from hard, hard work and consistency, and not giving up. It’s like saying that “statistically, air travel is safer than car travel.” Well, duh, of course it is, more people travel in cars than in planes so…

If you work harder than everyone else. If you produce content (books, videos, podcasts, whatever), better than everyone else. Then eventually, you will get “lucky”.

Far too many people walk around waiting to “get lucky”. They look to a few select people who have won the lottery, or been born into the lucky sperm club, and they say “why isn’t that me?” Well here’s the truth. The vast majority of successful people get lucky because they kick ass and take names.

Stop having a pity party for yourself and hoping you’re going to win the lottery. It’s not going to happen. You want something? Go out and take it and put the effort in.

Then “luck” will come.