Digital Books Will Win Because… Reason #1

Because it’s too easy for me to access them. For example, I just found out that Mark Cuban released his latest book (his first book?) in digital form called “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It.”

I learned about it from him posting on his wall on Facebook. I love Mark’s style of writing on his blog and have been a fan of him for years. I’ve met him and regularly email with him. He even did a blurb for the back cover my book!

So when I saw his book available, I went to buy it. Here’s how that processed worked and the time it took.

1. Saw his FB wall post. – 3 seconds
2. Clicked the link to Amazon. – 2 seconds
3. Clicked “One click buy” to be delivered to my iPad. – 2 seconds.
4. Opened up my iPad, clicked the Kindle app, and watched his book download. – 5 seconds.
5. Started reading.

Total: Under 30 seconds.

I was able to get his book in my hands and start reading in under 30-seconds. That is TRULY AMAZING. And another reason why the future of books is digital.