December Self-Publishing Results

December was my best month ever as a self-published author. I ended up bringing in close to $500 in profit from book sales on Note: I’m enrolled in KDP Select so I’m only selling at Amazon exclusively now.

Ok, so I have 5 self-published books out there at the moment, all priced between $.99 and $9.95. My most expensive book is the personal branding book I co-authored with Murray Newlands at $9.95. My cheapest book is my short happy book at $.99. You can see all of my books, including the only traditionally published book “Attention!” here.

While $500 isn’t a life-changer, it’s a first step to growing my books as a business channel for me in 2012. If I do my job right, I should be able to maintain that every month this year, and hopefully increase it to at least $1,000/month. That’s the plan with more and more books coming out every month. I plan to add at least 6 more books by the end of 2012, at least.

The last thing I should mention is that the indirect sales from my books for things like consulting and training has brought in high five-figures in 2011. So yeah, $500 is not a lot for direct sales, but in this space, you don’t really write books for direct sales. It’s the residual stuff that really pays off.