Best-Selling Book Bullshit

I’ve about had enough with all the people trying to teach you how to have a best-selling book. Sure, every author wants one, and it’d be nice, but it’s not a realistic goal. I’ll take a well-selling book any day, over and over.

First, let me give my definition of a “best-selling” book. That’s a book that made a list like the New York Times list or the USA Today list. Those are very, very hard to get, see below for how.

A best-selling book is NOT when you get your book to the #1 position on in your category on Amazon for an hour. Yet, it seems almost every book coach in the world is selling a service or solution that will help you do that. It’s disingenuous to say the least because new authors come in and think they’re buying a program that will help them get on one of those big best-seller lists. They’re not.

Anyone can get #1 in their category for a few hours on Amazon if they do a simple book launch. I’ve done it multiple times, both with a legacy published book and self-published books. All you have to do is sell about 150-300 books, depending on your category, during a 24-hour period or so. Then, after the initial sales drop off, you slide back down out of the top position. That’s all great, and important and you should strive to do it. But is it really a best-selling book? The book coaches want you to think so.

Want to really know how to get a real best-selling book on one of the big lists? Here are your options.

1. Pay a few hundred-grand to a company that works the system to order your books in increments to trick the NYTimes system into thinking it’s selling a lot. It’s not, you paid a bunch of people to go out and game the system.

2. Write a great book and get lucky.

That’s it. Either pay, or get lucky. Save yourself the thousands of dollars in “learn how to be a best-seller” coaching programs. That’s how it’s done above.

Aspire to write great books for sure, but don’t think that any coach or program can get you on one of the best-selling lists without $$$ or luck.