Authors Are Like Artists

Let me rephrase that. “Some” authors are like artists. I’m a Web business person. My end goal is to get more sales, leads and publicity for myself, my books, my products, etc…

An artist? Well, typically, they don’t have those same goals. They just want to make… art. I’ve tried to work with artists in the past only to realize that it’s a waste of time. Artists don’t think like I do. They just want to make their art and they don’t think about business models, and distribution and marketing. I get it. When you try to force an artist to think that way, you lose them. I know, I’ve tried. I don’t bother anymore. It’s a waste of my time.

I’m finding out a lot about “some” authors in my quest for learning more about why people write and publish. I’m finding that there are a lot of authors who think just like artists. They write for validation, instead of writing for business reasons.

I should say that the reason I write is not only about “making money”. I mean, I love helping people find success. I love motivating people. I would write books still if they didn’t help me “make money”. But for me, authoring books, right now, is more of a business project than a personal project.

My way, your way… either way is just fine. Do it how you want. Nobody has an issue with how you want to do it. I don’t.

Just own it. If you’re going to write for validation… own it. I admitted why I write. Why can’t you?