Amazon KDP Select Is Awesome?

I put my book Internet Marketing for Business Answers up on KDP Select this weekend, then started the free 5-day promotion of it this morning (Monday). If you don’t know what KDP Select is, click here.

Since it started running, I’ve had over 600 downloads and counting. A couple of thoughts.

1. It seems to me that for authors like me that need/like wide distribution, having that free promo is pretty awesome. Do you have any idea how many new clients I might pick up out of thousands of reads of that book? Or speaking gigs?

2. I’m also #1 in my category. And their site says that that will effect “regular” category rankings as well. So assume that when I get off free I might still see a jump in sales? We shall see.

3. I have no idea how much money I’ll end up taking out of the “pool of money” but for me, for this book, it will probably be more than what I was selling on it already.

4. My gut is telling me that for non-fiction authors this is a game-changer, because non-fiction is so slow in eBooks.

I’m trying to see the downside of this for my situation, but I can’t. Anyone?