Amazon is the New Wal-Mart

Jeff Bezos is channeling Sam Walton these days. The WalMart founder knew how to crush his competition through competitive pricing and innovative distribution. And despite what you think about WalMart, there is no denying what a powerful force they have become.

Amazon must have been paying attention, because recently the moves they have made have really made some news and caused some waves.

Look at some of these comments.

By the way, that’s what happens when you win, you make waves.

I get the detractors. However, what I think they fail to realize is that it’s just good business. And that’s what most people are overlooking. The world of publishing is full of a lot of people who consider themselves “artists”. It’s a world driven by a lot of vanity.

Here’s a news flash for you who still think that way. The publishing world has changed. Now that anyone can publish a book, and the gatekeepers have been removed, it has all become a business. Gone, or soon to be gone, are the glamorous days of “traditionally published” authors who were looked upon like celebrities or special people because of their hard to get fancy publishing contracts.

You may not like that fact, but it’s reality. The sooner you realize it and jump on board the better off you’ll be.

As an Internet marketer, this is very similar to what a lot of people think about Google. Some people hate Google. They refuse to play nice with Google. They don’t like that Google has so much control. Fine, you go ahead and do that, but that again, is just a bad business decision.

I have to ask you. This is a gut check question. Are you writing books for business/career reasons, or are you writing them just for vanity reasons? If you are writing for vanity reasons, just admit it. The rest of us, we’ll just be publishing for business reasons and liking companies like Amazon that help us reach our goals.

Finally, let me ask you one more question. In terms of Amazon KDP Select. Time will tell if it makes sense for authors. But I would ask you this though. If Google did the same thing, and said, we don’t want you to have your site listed in any other search engine besides ours, would you do it? I’d say yes. Because any other answer is a bad business decision.