I learned a lot about the book business when I had my first traditionally published book put out in 2010. Mostly that the world of publishing is changing, and that any author today (aspiring or existing) doesn’t need to have a “big publisher” in order to be successful.

I write non-fiction books, mostly about marketing and Internet business related topics. Here’s a link to all of my books so far. But I also write motivational and success-related works as well. I’ve been working on the Web as an Internet marketing professional for 16-years. So I have the unique knowledge of both the publishing industry as it stands today, and the marketing part of it.

No Publisher Needed is my attempt to offer up nuggets of information about the things I’ve learned about the business of self-publishing from my perspective. I hope to share this information with all of you in the hope that you can build your own self-publishing empire as I am attempting to do.

I was inspired to create this outlet because of successful fiction author Joe Konrath and his excellent blog called a Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. Joe recently went on hiatus and well, someone has got to continue the discussion. This is my attempt.

Maybe you’ll create a ton of books and make millions of dollars by creating your own book empire. Or maybe you won’t. One thing is for sure. I’m going to help you by sharing the insights I have and continue to have in this growing industry. Please sign up for the email updates on the right of this page to be notified of future blog posts. I look forward to your comments.

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