$100k In Digital Book Profits In 3 Weeks

Yep, Joe Konrath just posted his numbers. He’s made over $100k in 3-weeks with his digital books.

One hundred grand. That’s how much I’ve made on Amazon in the last three weeks.

This is just for my self-pubbed Kindle titles. It doesn’t include Shaken and Stirred, which were published by Amazon’s imprints. It doesn’t include any of my legacy sales, print or ebook. It doesn’t include audiobook sales. It doesn’t include sales from other platforms.

This is from my self-pubbed books. The ones the Big 6 rejected.

He then goes on to offer a view of the changing marketplace. Tell me he’s wrong, go ahead. You can’t.

This is no longer a question of choosing between accepting 17.5% royalties from a legacy publisher or doing it yourself. This has now become the best way in the history of mankind for a writer to earn money. It may be one of the greatest ways to ever make money, period.

We can directly and instantly reach hundreds of millions of consumers in a global marketplace. We can set the list price, and we get to keep the majority of that list price. Readers can buy our work instantly on devices that they love. They don’t have to go to the store, the store is in their hands. Once a book is written and formatted it can sell unlimited copies, forever, without any costs to the writer other than the initial time investment and monetary investment (formatting, editing, cover.)

No other industry allows this. There are always continuing production costs and shipping costs. There are always middlemen who take cuts. There is always a limit to distribution. There are always times when something is sold out or unavailable.

Not anymore.

Imagine having instant access to every person’s checking account in the world, and stealing one dollar.

Now imagine them willingly giving you that dollar.

So, write your book yet? You better get started.